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20 March 2007

I have received a message from one of the wilder minds to inhabit the awkward space we live in. Liliana a.k.a The AnomalyInfinite has sent me Issue 4 of her Update. My email address is listed among 70 or so lines of others, which include, I note, and Doubtless these recipients will be as blown away as I am by the power of Liliana's message.

It seems that she was formerly a denizen of this fair city (where I am sure she is sorely missed) but is now somewhere in NZ pursuing her projects. Apparently, she has at last found a 'financial sponsor for her' book project, which she describes thus:

'how an ordinary human becomes a supernatural being with
*powers* ". Think Batman meets Superman meets the Bible. Multi-genre, multi-media, based on my life. The storyline is partially fictional. The powers are not fiction. Nor are the abilities which I have acquired.'

There is a more of the same, although I have to say that Liliana is not as prolix as some of her kind and exudes an exuberance that may not be entirely manic.

She concludes with these words

'I LOVE YOU!-Liliana a.k.a TheAnomalyInfinite

-never settle for anything less than what you are.
achieve, persevere, dream, reach, compete even after you reach immortality.'

The immortality bit seems a bit odd and the previous line makes me tired but I feel that what I take to be the prime message 'never settle for anything less than what you are' is very sound advice indeed. I could argue that whatever I settle for is what I am and therefore this fine goal is always acheivable, by definition - a comforting thought for a verandah dweller.

I am curious to know what the others will say.

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