But is it right?

Some villagers came to Master Tze to settle an argument.

'Bufo the Fat is very rich,' said one. 'He must give some of his money to the poor.'

'You're right,' said Master Tze.

'But Bufo has worked hard all his life,' said another. 'He has earned his money. He should keep it if he wants to.'

'Exactly!' said Master Tze.

A third village piped up. 'If the poor are given money, they'll have no incentive to work for themselves.'

'Oh, I agree,' Master Tze told him.

'Wait a minute!' said a fourth. 'It's all very well to say Bufo worked for his money but he got most of it by ripping off ordinary people, poor people!'

'Undeniable!' said Master Tze.

The first villager turned to the sage with a puzzled look. 'We can't all be right,' he said.

'That's so,' Tze told him.

'But what do you think?' the second villager asked.

'Nothing,' said Master Tze. 'And I'm right too!'

© Chris Else 2008