Beyond the Blog

For a while now, I've been dissatisfied with how this site was developing. Blogs are ephemeral things. What you say disappears into oblivion in a matter of days. I found that certain ideas and stories seemed to be more important than others and I wanted to keep them more up front.

In addition, I am intrigued by the idea of a work that mixes and integrates traditional genre without merging them and the online environment seems a more flexible way of doing this than a book or a movie or a sound recording. All of those media are here if I want them, although given that I tend towards Felix's view that one word is worth a thousand pictures, there is likely to be more text in the mix than anything else.

Finally, I like the freedom that the web brings. Being lost in something vast suits my intellectual temperament. It feels like the all-care-no-responsibility experience of the expatriate in a foreign city: engaged but no involved, interested but not committed.

This then is the Nectarine Project, the Web's best kept secret - part fiction, part ideas, part an end in itself. This section of the site will tell you how the whole thing is going. Perhaps.

12 September 2008

There is really no point in my saying anything because he never takes any notice but I feel it is my public duty to warn any unwary visitor to ignore everything in the column to the left. This whole site is a complete waste of time. Go away and do something sensible.


I think that's a really mean thing to say when it's only just started. Let's give the poor guy a chance.



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